Effective 10 Health Benefits of Curry Leaves You Need to Know

Curry Leaves, also known as the Kadi Patta. They are almond-shaped leaves with a citrus flavour. There are many benefits of curry leaves for both medicinal and culinary purposes. These leaves are generally used in Indian cooking to add flavour to their vegetables.

Curry leaves are rich in fiber, protein, calcium, and phosphorus, they also boast a substantial content of essential oils.

Being a Versatile Culinary herb, Curry leaves also offer many health benefits because the powerful plant contains many hidden properties.

Health benefits of curry leaves

Potential Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Some Studies suggested that Curry leaves have many anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce inflammation within the body. Anti-inflammatory is a kind of treatment that reduces inflammation or Swelling.

Nutrient Rich

Curry leaves are a bundle of nutritional value. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Protein, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Iron and many nutritious facts.

Nutrition Value of Curry Leaves: –

Nutritional Value Fresh Curry Leaves Dried Curry Leaves
Protein (g) 6 12
Carbohydrate (g) 18.7 64.31
Fat (g) 1 5.4
carotene ( µg) 7560 5292
Vitamin C (mg) 4 4
Iron (mg) 0.93 12
Calcium (mg) 830 2040

Table 1: Nutritional value of curry leaves per 100 grams

Helpful in Weight Management

Those who want to lose weight can take the benefits of curry leaves. Curry leaves contain fibre, which plays the biggest role in managing body weight.

Helpful in Diabetes Management

Curry leaves contain phytochemicals that help to reduce the blood sugar level. It is a perfect remedy for individuals who have 2 type diabetes.

People with Diabetes should consult with their healthcare doctors before taking these leaves into their diet.

Reduce Oxidates Stress

Oxidates Stress results in a persistent imbalance between the production of ROS (reactive oxygen species) or free radicals and the ability of the intracellular antioxidant system to neutralize them.

According to a Study, Oxidates stress may be responsible for many diseases. If it is not controlled on time, it may cause trauma and stroke.

Helps to Boost the Immunity

Curry leaves help to strengthen the immune power of the body, it contains many vitamins and antioxidants that defend the body against many infections.

Beneficial for Heart Health

Many people who have heart-related issues, should adopt chewing 4-5 curry leaves daily.

It helps to lower cholesterol levels and maintain overall cardiovascular well-being.

Control the Blood Sugar

According to the Study, India has a total of 74.9 million diabetic patients which will increase to 124.9 million by the Year 2045.

We should take care of our health day to day and curry leaves are the best cure to avoid this disease. Curry Leaves help to trigger insulin production in the body, They exhibit hypoglycemic properties, which help regulate blood sugar levels.

Good for Pregnancy

Eating Curry leaves or Kadi Patta during pregnancy is safe and even recommended by the Doctor.

Curry leaves help to protect the baby from many infectious diseases as it has rich in many anti-oxidant properties, They also help women with premature baby birth.

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Promotes Hair Growth

Curry Leaves are rich in many nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Antioxidants & Proteins. These nutrients play a crucial role in promoting circulation to the blood vessels in the Hair Scalp.

Curry Leaves also help to shine the hair as it is a rich source of amino acids.

There are still many questions related to Curry Leaves that are necessary to discuss. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are curry leaves?

Curry Leaves derived from the curry tree in the citrus family. They are also known as sweet neem leaves as they look similar to neem leaves.

What are curry leaves used for?

Curry Leaves are used in similar ways. In Indian Kitchen, we used dry leaves as a flavour in curries, Soups, and many dishes etc. Curry leaves are also used to strengthen the bones as they have many medicinal properties.

What are curry leaves called in India

Generally, Curry Leaves are called Kadi Patta in Hindi

Can we grow curry leaves plant at home

Yes, Curry Leaves can be grown in a container at home

Are bay leaf and curry leaf the same?

Curry Leaves and Bay leaves are two different types of spices used for cooking purposes.


Curry Leaves have the benefits of promoting hair growth, repairing damage, preventing premature graying, treating dandruff, restoring hair colour and reducing hair thinning.

Curry leaves contribute to overall health and maintain the health balance. It is also helpful for a strong immune system. We still need to consult our healthcare doctors before taking these leaves for medicinal purposes.

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