Benefits of Moong Dal to stay healthy

Moong Dal, also known as mung bean or green gram, is versatile and most consume pulses to cook in the kitchen of Indian families. The reason is not only its delicious taste but also packed with numerous health benefits.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call moong dal a superfood, as loaded with proteins, dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. To get fit and healthy, add such enriched sources of food to your everyday meals.

There are many whole grains, pulses, and lentils you can take in your diet such as Moong Dal, chick beans, kidney beans, soybeans, black gram, and more.

Today we will discuss the countless moong dal benefits and quick recipes to try out to stay healthy. So, let’s scroll below for more in-depth information about moong dal.

Top 10 Benefits of Moong Dal:-

1. Moong Dal Helps in Weight Loss:

Moong dal is a low-calorie food that helps you to lose your body bulkiness. To burn your extra calories and fat, try moong dal as it helps in balancing the cholecystokinin hormone. It even supports metabolism and controls weight. The dietary fibre in moong dal also stabilizes other body hormones such as peptide YY, GLP-1, etc.

2. Moong Dal Good for Heart:

The richness of vitamins and minerals in moong dal helps to balance the blood pressure and even protects against muscle cramping. For the heart’s proper functioning, the moong dal dietary fibre plays a crucial role in blood purification and circulation. Adequate intake of green moong dal or even yellow lowers the risk of heart strokes and artery blockages.

3. Aids Chronic Disease:

The richness of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in moong dal benefits in chronic diseases. It is even suitable for patients with issues of free radicals, heart attacks, etc.

4. Improves Digestion:

As it is a low-calorie food, thus easy to digest. The existence of dietary fibre and starch even aids constipation and ingestion. It is even advantageous for people bowel movement problems. Balance diety of moong dal also helps in producing fatty acid called butyrate to improve gut health. Anti-inflammatory properties in moong dal also reduce the issues of gas and acidity.

5. Balance Blood Sugar:

People with issues of high blood sugar should take moong dal every day, as it benefits them. The health problems of diabetes are curable due to rich antioxidants to balance the insulin level. Moreover, the low glycemic index in moong dal helps in balancing the blood glucose and fat level.

6. Low Cholrestrol Level:

The balance your cholesterol level, do eat moong dal every day. To lowers the LDL cholesterol in the body, moong dal sprouts are good. It even your from cardiovascular diseases as normalize the cholesterol.

7. Stable Blood Pressure:

People with a high risk of blood pressure can balance it with daily eating of moong dal. The minerals, dietary fibre and vitamins in moong dal are boon properties to stabilize the blood pressure.

8. Boon For Pregnant Women:

The richness of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres makes moong dal complete food for pregnancy. Even enriched properties of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds helps in protecting pregnancy females from many diseases, improve immunity and lowers the risk of complexities. It even helps in the healthy development of the child in the womb. The imbalanced gut and bowel movement of pregnant women are also controlled with daily consumption of moong dal.

9. Benefits Cancer Patients:

Moong dal is a complete balanced diet for cancer patients. This low-calorie food is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres that help in balancing overall health of cancer patients. It enables them with energy with easy digestion. The antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties in moong dal boost immunity and lowers the development of cancer cells.

10. Moong Dal Is A Healthy Beauty Secret:

If you really want to glow naturally, then add moong dal chilka to your diet plan every day. It will help you to look younger as dietary fibre in moong dal purifies the blood. The anti-ageing properties in moong dal also help in reducing wrinkles and ageing spots. To have healthy hair and nails, apart from skin, moong dal is really the best food.

Final Thoughts:

After knowing countless of moong dal benefits, now will you add it to your meals everyday? You must eat moong dal thrice a week for balancing of health and proper functioning of organs. Try out new moong dal recipes to make it more tasteful and enjoyable diet. Moong dal halwa, moong dal curry, moong daal cutlets, sprouted moong dal as salads etc. are some popular healthy recipes that are mouthwatering as well.

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