Unveiling the Health Benefits of Baby Massage

From when a child is born, new mothers or even expecting mothers are always told by their elders that giving a baby massage twice a day is beneficial for their health. Little ones love being held, nestled and massaged. These warm, caring contacts express the love and warmth of their mother’s love while they massage their babies.

Alongside delicate contacts your kid gets when you feed, and diaper check them, you might need to massage a little bit to give them some relief from itchy bums. It is important to massage your infants twice a thrice a day to give them proper rest and ease.
It’s a straightforward and pleasurable method for encouraging your newborn child, secure and focused on.

You can enhance your role as a parent and provide the right kind of stimulation to encourage optimal development by using simple massage strokes. During the first few years of a child’s life and for many years to come, infant massage will provide you and your baby with numerous advantages.

What is a Baby Massage?

Baby massage, otherwise called newborn child back rub or child rub, is the delicate, sustaining practice of kneading infants and little youngsters.

It’s a well-known fact — infants love their folks’ touch. To a child, there’s nothing better compared to cuddling, being held during feedings, and dozing in their mother or father’s arms.

In any case, did you have at least some idea there’s another, significantly more deliberate way you can associate with your child through cherishing contact? Massage for infants is a wonderful way to bond with your child and help them grow. The following is information regarding the advantages of infant massage and some methods that can assist you in learning how to massage your baby.

How to Massage a Baby?

Here are some basic massage techniques to try with your infant/toddler.

How to Massage a Baby

The CALM touch strategy, a tried-and-true method of soothing and relaxing your baby, includes the following massage strokes. These are the most common of all newborn infant massage techniques that are very important for your child.


Use your palms and hands to massage your baby’s back. Move your touch from their shoulders down to their lower back. Using this method can make tummy time for your child more enjoyable and comfortable for them.

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Put your thumb in their palm and hold your fingers down on the highest point of the hand. You can massage one hand at a time or bring both hands together. Alternatively, you can massage your baby’s hand in a circular motion using the palm of their hand.


Touch and hold your infant’s feet, one in each hand, with firmness. Stroke immovably along the foot and delicately pull the toes. Make sure to use deep pressure; It will tickle if you stroke it too lightly!

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While your infant is supported on your lap, rub their shoulders. Your hands should firmly slide down their arms. Every child will enjoy being massaged on their shoulders as it eases out all the pain while they are playing or lying. As per the doctors, infant massage is very important in their growth.

Full body

Move down your baby’s body with firm pressure while they are on their back. Start at the head and work your way around the body until you reach your child’s feet. Additionally, you can use your hands to move down the middle of your baby’s body; begin at the chest and work your way toward the belly before working your way down the front of the legs.


A few children love having their head massaged and some don’t. Head oil massage is not only beneficial for their brain muscles but at the same time, it also relaxes them out. Also, some infants have thick hair on their heads. Hence, it is always good to oil their hair as well. Apply a stroke to the forehead and brows. You can likewise follow little circles on your child’s cheeks and crush their jawline.

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Benefits of Baby Massage –

A newborn baby massage is not only a routine that all mothers should follow but it is an ancient therapy where a deep bond develops between the child and the mother. This regular exercise has been utilized for quite a long time all over the globe.

Daily massage benefits include:

  • Reinforces parent-kid bond through adoring touch and eye-to-eye connection
  • Reassure the infant that the mother is around them
  • Helps processing to alleviate gas, colic, and other health issues that an infant/newborn is unable to tell
  • Another newborn baby massage benefit is that it loosens up the stiff muscles and relaxes the child’s sensory system
  • Helps course to further develop skin and muscle tone
  • Upholds resistance by expanding white platelet count
  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body
  • Helps the toddlers to become strong
  • Youngster knead is protected, basic, and remunerating for the entire family. This guide will cover rub strategies, the advantages of when to begin, and tips to make it a calming, exceptional holding schedule.

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Safety Tips for Baby Massage –

  • Offer your baby a relaxing oil massage with a light yet firm pressure so that the infant enjoys the massage period.
  • It is important to make sure that your hands are clean and washed so that there are no chances of any allergy to the infant.
  • Another very important baby massage tip is that you should use slightly warm oil so that it not only soothes and eases the infant’s body but also your hands should glide down smoothly.

The Bottom Line –

While giving your little one their massage, give your all to keep fixed on, and associated with your child. Make eye contact with your baby, smile at them, and quietly sing and talk to them. You can also sing their favorite lullaby to put them to sleep while massaging!

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